Alexa Skill Development


What is Alexa Skill Development?
Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service platform that powers an entire smart device ecosystem.
It resides in Echo series of speakers by Amazon wherein it can respond to simple queries of users. Now with its constantly-improving Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, we can use Alexa to interact with other devices and accomplish complex routines such as providing information, entertainment, and general assistance to its users. For example, it can talk to your AC and turn it ON/OFF. Now the question arises how did Alexa know how to control your AC?  This is made possible by developing what is called as Alexa Skills.

Alexa skill development also helps to enhance your device productivity. You can develop skills specific to different devices and make them operational through Alexa enabled speakers.

Our Alexa Skill Development Services
The digital world is evolving faster and to stay ahead in competition, companies need to make their business smarter.  At IncubXperts, we transform your business with a wide array of our Alexa Skill Development Services.

Alexa Skills Kit (ASK)

Leveraging Amazon’s pioneering knowledge in the field of voice design, we use natural user interface to make Alexa smarter and smoothen user’s interaction with device

Mobile App Integration

We redefine your business with our expertise wherein we integrate Android or iOS apps with Alexa skills to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction

Integration With ERP Systems

We enable voice-driven management of business operations that pulls live data from your ERP system, with the integration of Alexa skills.

Alexa Skill Testing

Our experts perform comprehensive testing on the developed Alexa skills, to make it more accurate and engaging.

Compatible Programming Languages

We leverage the expertise of advanced programming languages like Node.Js, to develop dynamic Alexa Skills for you. We choose the language based on the complexity of the project and always keep security as a priority.

Alexa Voice Service (AVS)

We help you to integrate Alexa in your products taking advantage of the Alexa Voice SDK to create a software for your device so that you can get to market faster.

The Smart Home Skill API

Cloud connected devices have become a reality and we ensure flawless control of these devices by developing skills for Alexa Voice Interactions that will make your home smarter.

Amazon Developer Console

Our Alexa team is very well-versed with the Amazon Developer Console, using which we can build custom Alexa skills like Music Skills, Video Skills, Smart Home Skills, List Skills and many more.

Alexa For On-Demand Apps

By voicing your on-demand mobile applications, we ensure that your customers can book appointments, place orders, or hail cabs with voice commands given to Alexa. We integrate your on-demand business model with Alexa to leverage the benefits of the smart assistants.


Why Choose IncubXperts as an Alexa Skill Development Company
At IncubXperts, we first understand your business offerings and then accordingly develop relevant Alexa Skills that will benefit the customers. With our expertise in mobile app development, IoT based devices and solution development, we have nurtured our skills in Amazon Alexa Skill Development to meet complex demands of our clients

We have experience of using both AWS Lambda and custom server environment to make Alexa skills for your existing services and platforms.

Our development team has in depth knowledge of all the tools, API’s, reference solutions which makes it quiet easy for us to build Alexa skills for your business requirements. We also make sure that Alexa skills handle all unexpected user utterances gracefully and easily.
Our skilled developers have the ability to create solutions for every step of customer journey as well as advanced workplace solutions.