Differentiated service engagements

Quick; think of a business that provides excellent service each time you interact with them. Are you likely to remain loyal to their brand? Have you raved about them to your friends and family? Chances are good that if a company has truly impressed you, you’ve told someone about it.
Businesses that provide a service with the intent of retaining their customer base, are likely to see an uptick in customer loyalty, as well as their extended circles such as friends, family etc. We know you’ll definitely be telling people about the great service you received, if you were impressed with the level of treatment you received.

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7 things to keep in mind while building software for the consumer IoT domain

Whether you’re a tech person or not, I am sure you’ve come across the term IoT. IoT has gained a lot of popularity in the past decade or so owing to the dawn of ‘smart’ appliances. Be it home lighting or tiffin boxes, everything today has a smart edge.

IoT devices are incomplete without a software solution to manage and operate them!

Here are 7 vital things to keep in mind while building software for the consumer IoT domain

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Why choose Flutter to build your next enterprise mobile app

Flutter App Development is gaining ground rapidly to build enterprise-grade cross-platform apps. Some of the major reasons for its growing popularity among developers and entrepreneurs include robust backing from Google and a thriving developer community.

Join Flutter Pro Aditya Nandedkar as he explores why Flutter makes for an ideal choice for your next mobile app.

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Dynamics 365 and common misconceptions

Has your perception of the cloud kept up with advancements in technology? Economic and logistic disruptions from COVID-19 have compelled most organizations to reassess whether their legacy systems can deliver on modern goals and priorities. While shifting market conditions have accelerated cloud adoption, some are still weighing the benefits. These businesses have allowed on-premises nostalgia to take hold and determine their cloud strategy.

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Give the CRM Edge to Your Business

Customer relationship management systems (CRMs) have seen significant changes within just a few years.
The use of CRMs is no longer limited to large corporations with massive client databases. Small and medium-sized businesses can also benefit from CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and many others. Here’s how the advantages of customer relationship management systems can help your business grow.

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Digital Transformation enabled through Field Services

A successful digital transformation requires weaving together multiple domains. If even one of these fails to make the grade, your entire transformation may be in jeopardy.

These domains have one thing in common and that is they rely on people and what they bring to the table. It’s the people that matter most—from formulating a vision to crafting the plan and adjusting it on the fly to calculating every detail many times over.

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remote partner

Planning to engage with a remote partner for your product development needs? Here are 5 things you should know

Whether it’s now or further down the road, whenever you’re planning to partner with a remote agency for your application/product development needs, it’s always good to be aware of certain must know factors.
Based on our experience working with our clients based in North America, Europe, and Oceania, here are the top 5 things we have learnt.

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Accelerated revenue with Dynamics for Sales

If sales were simple, then every seller and every sales organization would be successful. But there’s more to it, especially in the current landscape.
We’re seeing a fundamental shift in the way customers want to engage—instead of relying only on direct contact with sellers, customers more frequently use digital channels to get answers to questions and even to make purchasing decisions. The seller is moving from guiding every step of the sales process to being a trusted advisor. To fill this role, sellers must regroup and look for other ways to make a difference to their customers.

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Field services in the new normal

After the world’s struggle with the recent pandemic, one area of businesses that has been largely impacted is field services.
When the pandemic hit in March, a lot of offices were closed, and a work-from-home policy was enforced. Among other things, some activities included setting up weekly meetings, daily stand ups, and check-ins that focused on team and individual well-being.

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