7 Million Cases, 3000 users – A fintech phenomenon

7 Million Cases, 3000 Users
A Fintech Phenomenon

A Full-stack Solution That Achieved 50% Cost Saving for a Financial Services Company

Business Problem

A Leading Financial Services company (Serving more than 50% of the Credit Risk assessment market nationwide) using a legacy platform needed a desperate revamp. Existing web and mobile platforms had inefficiencies that hampered revenue realization and introduced revenue leakage.

Technology Solution

The Solution involved building a Disconnected Architecture system that provided near real-time experience for users for critical business operations. User Persona research enabled IncubXperts to envision and think through ‘real’ life issues and build a User-Centric Enterprise mobile applications. Cross-platform mobile platform Xamarin helped build once and leverage the same piece of code for iOS and Android. Modules like Dedup helped prevent fraud transactions. Many of Azure PAAS functionalities were used to expedite time to market!

ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL Server, Web API, Xamarin, Google Maps, Disconnected Architecture, Azure Functions
Business Impact
  • Increased TAT efficiency by 50%
  • Identified Revenue leakage opportunities and anomalies in business processes
  • Modules like Dedup helped identify possible fraud cases
  • Appropriate measures (locked workflows, GPS imprint) ensured Data Authenticity
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