Digital Transformation of Complex Fuel Supply Logistics and Contract Management Platform

Freight rate and Contract Management Solution for Fuel Transportation

Business Problem

Fuel transportation and delivery is a major component of fuel supply logistics. Selecting the best transport provider and finalizing delivery details immediately after placing a fuel order would make the fuel buying process all-inclusive and more efficient.

Technology Solution

IncubXperts built a rate management system for fuel transport. The solution augments the existing fuel marketplace software used for fuel purchase.

Solution Highlights

  • Storing and Maintaining rate cards of various transport services.
  • Defining complex pricing rules and allowing transporters to configure these rules.
  • Displaying freight rates as per transporters’ charging model. Rate formats including, range-based, route-based, or point-to-point rates are displayed in suitable units of per km, per liter, or as a flat price.
  • Comparing different transporters available and recommending the best transporter for any particular order.
  • Real-time, instant invoice generation.
  • Ability to determine and charge extra fees applicable on orders.

Angular 8, .Net core, MongoDB

Business Impact
  • The inclusion of the rate management system has made the fuel marketplace an all-inclusive and end-to-end fuel purchase solution/ecosystem
  • Users can now book a transporter while placing their fuel order
  • Fuel transport invoice is generated automatically along with the fuel invoice making the process faster
  • Buyers can now choose the best transport service for their order by comparing various vendors for their requirement
  • 100% invoice accuracy due to accurate rate management and calculation