Conversational BOT for enterprise

Conversational BOT for Enterprise- Making Interactions 75% faster

Leveraging Cognitive Services to Interact With Workplace Health and Safety Software

Business Problem

Compliance is always considered secondary. Helping enterprise users get it done easily is expected to improve compliance.

Technology Solution

Build AI-enabled application that uses voice to understand Intent, build context and interact with the cloud-hosted platform.

  • Ability to recognize spoken Natural language and build context. Ensure the recognition ability evolves over time.
  • Ability of voice recognition in a noisy environment
  • Successful orchestration of multiple services like
    A. Speech to Text
    B. Text to speech
    C. Language Understanding (LUIS)
    D. Spell Check

Azure Cognitive Services, Microsoft BOT Framework V4, LUIS, Web API, Azure Speech Service, Xamarin

Business Impact
  • Workers in the environment wearing accessories like gloves can now use mobile platform using conversational BOT
  • Recommended MVP strategy helped discover limitations of existing technology stack (Transcribe streaming audio is not supported on Xamarin)

"IncubXperts put together a solid architecture and built a scalable product on Azure. They work very well independently and bring us in when required.

Lisa H – Founder of SAAS product with customers like Canada’s largest forestry company