160K+ Users, 3500+ Organizations, 100+ Countries & One Infra Management CMMS Solution

A Multi Tenant CMMS Application Gets a Technology Upgrade

Business Problem

A SaaS CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) Application provider wanted to enhance their legacy application and provide greater value to their user base of 160K+ users across 3500+ organizations in 100+ countries.

Technology Solution

Staying technologically up-to-date and providing a secure and one-stop solution to its significant user base across geographies and business domains was key to this SaaS provider.

Considering this requirement, IncubXperts enhanced and maintained the hosted CMMS enterprise web application.

Key Solution Highlights:

  • Seamless migration of the entire user base (160k+ users) from legacy SQL Membership to .NET Identity provider, accompanied by Azure AD Integration.
  • Successful SSO implementation using OAuth, along with Facebook, Google, and Office365 authentication. 
  • Maps Integration and Custom marker implementation providing site owners with the ability to graphically see work orders, their corresponding buildings/location, and to be able to make real-time decisions. 
  • A Smart way of integration with Quickbooks (an external invoicing/accounting system) using Zapier. 
  • Zapier integration with the CMMS tool allowed its customers to build automated workflows that are triggered based on events in the host application. Providing the ability to create an invoice in an external system or create a new customer as soon as certain action is triggered in the host application.
  • Development of 80+ APIs allowing the CMMS to effectively integrate with external systems, an ability that was lacking before.
  • An Administrator could create a JWT token that was used for authenticating API calls. This simple yet crucial API logging ensured that there is intelligence around API usage. 



ASP.NET MVC, MySQL, Google Maps, Here Maps, DevExpress, Zapier, Leaflet, OpenStreetMap

  • Custom-built APIs provided seamless 3rd party integration ability for an app that lacked this facility for years.
  • The System to system integration feature significantly reduced redundant data entry.
  • Enabled site/business owners to make real-time decisions with graphic visualization of work orders and their corresponding location on maps.
  • Migration from older form authentication to a newer identity provider made the user experience more secure
  • Streamlined operations with trigger-based workflow automation

"IncubXperts possess maturity and focus that far exceeds those of most companies. They have been an indispensable member of our team."

Steve K – CEO of SAAS product used by 160K users across 100 countries