Taking Emergency Response To the Next Level

Taking Emergency Response
to the Next Level

A Solution to Automate Planning, Management, & Execution of Emergency Response in Real-Time

Business Problem

Enterprises are supposed to ensure employee safety on a day when a hazard situation (Like fire, snow) occurs. The actions to be taken by them are numerous, manual, and hence error-prone risking individual lives.

A Solution To Plan, Manage & Execute Emergency Risk Response
Technology Solution

The recommended approach involved building an Azure Logic App that orchestrates series of actions. Once a hazard alert is initiated, the logic app triggers a series of events.

  • A master logic app controls the execution of the workflow
  • Organization hierarchy is replicated within the logic app to ensure the right escalation and addressal of action items
  • It triggers series of events such as communication using email, SMS, or outbound voice calls to the entire audience.
  • It tracks the responses of every individual and acts according to specified workflow including escalation and manual intervention

Azure Logic App, Web API, Azure Functions

Business Impact
  • Completely automated workflow avoiding any manual errors
  • Individual phone, SMS endpoints ensure prompt responses or actions
  • Usage of Azure Logic App ensured faster development compared to traditional solutions