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Unlocking New Revenue Opportunities With a Revolutionary Restaurant Order Experience

White-labeled Order Taking Interface For Restaurant Owners

Business Problem

In today’s digital age, customers prefer to communicate with businesses online.
The advent of third-party food ordering apps has led restaurants to lose a part of their revenue to the delivery service aggregators.
This is why building a cost-effective and quick order-taking mobile solution for restaurants was the need of the hour.

Technology Solution

We built a web-based white-labeled order taking interface and a mobile app template that can be configured flawlessly with the restaurant web ordering applications & websites.

Web Solution highlights

  • A lean web application that is installed on Restaurant tablets to monitor incoming orders via web/mobile channels.
  • APIs exposed by the existing application were leveraged to build an “always-on” interface. 
  •  SignalR was used for communication between server and client applications. This “real-time” integration with the server ensured instant push notifications to client devices (tablets at restaurants) as orders were submitted. 
  • Each Single Page Application is white labeled for specific restaurant use.
Mobile Solution highlights
  • Highly aesthetic & efficient User Interface design
  • Easy integration with current Web APIs
  • Loyalty program for better customer retention
  • Quick onboarding on Play store & App Store
  • White-labeled for a truly custom experience

Microsoft ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, Flutter, SignalR, Bootstrap, MS SQL Server,

Business Impact
  • Minimized time to market at an optimum budget.
  • Multiplied restaurants’ reach & scalability due to app availability on play store & app store. This also created a better brand posture.
  • The Mobile platform leveraged the existing IT infrastructure i.e. ordering web apps & websites effectively saving a lot of budget.
  • The App created new revenue opportunities by launching & tracking loyalty programs.

"Team exceeded my expectations- Extremely professional, knowledgeable, communicative. What a great experience all around! I highly recommend."

G.R. Homa - CEO of White labeled Online Order Management Suite for Restaurants