How a Serverless Firebase and AI-Enabled Digital Platform Maximised Social Impact

Mobile and Web Social Media App for Donors and NGOs

Business Problem

A technology company was seeking to build an innovative social platform as a part of its CSR initiative.The aim was to tap into the inherent giving nature of human beings and provide a platform to help connect with those in need.

Technology Solution

We built a social entrepreneur initiative where Donors and NGOs were onboarded on a marketplace.
Empowered with an AI-enabled algorithm that considers donations available, needs posted by NGOs and matches the donations with NGOs in an unbiased way.

Donors connect with NGOs in real-time in a chat-like interface. The Marketplace offers a way to review the NGOs, thank donors, share donations on social networks, and create an engaging ecosystem by delivering a seamless user experience.

  • Chat functionality built using Firebase Cloud Firestore.
  • Business rule engine built using Serverless Firebase function for auto mapping of Donations and NGO’s. The engine considered the category of donation, the last transaction, NGO response time, Feedback rating, etc.
  • Matching use cases were developed on the Web using Angular.

Flutter, Firebase, WordPress, Angular 6.0

Business Impact
  • The App created an opportunity to identify the ideal recipient for donations.
  • The concept has empowered the team to scale their operations across cities and make an extensive social impact.