Optimized Operations for Nationwide Social initiative

Optimized Operations for Nationwide Social Initiative

A Scalable, Cost Effective, & Future Ready IT Platform for a Non-Profit Organization

Business Problem

30+ Cities, 700+ Users engaged in a social movement needed an IT platform to automate and operate. The wide user demographic (Age 17 to Age 75) and limited management resources needed a solution that is scalable and cost-effective.

Technology Solution

Any social initiative aspires to scale itself. A Technology Solution should also complement the same objective. A .NET MVC and Azure-based backend was built to achieve some important goals.

  • Maintain master data (Social initiative that was 15+ years old, needed a strong master data management in place.)
  • Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks
  • Build operational governance to help facilitate execution
  • A cross-platform mobile app helped cover a large user base at a reduced cost of building and maintaining both apps (iOS and Android)

ASP.NET MVC, Azure PAAS, MS SQL Server, Xamarin

Business Impact
  • Social Initiative now has a single source of data to refer to
  • Management Resource’s capacity was optimized by over 50% due to automation
  • With many offline processes converted to online/real-time, data was more integral and reliable
  • Provided a framework to scale and expand the social initiative nationwide

"Your relentless efforts in improving product and your speed of troubleshooting impressed us! Your commitment towards services and speed in troubleshooting is brilliant.

Naren G – Founder of a product for used across 30 cities, 700+ user base