Standardization, Transformation and Improvement using Dynamics365 for a Canadian Satellite Communications Company

Standardization, Transformation, and Improvement using Dynamics 365 for a Canadian Satellite Communications company

A CRM-based solution that makes use of the Dynamics Sales and Field Service modules.

Client Overview

A global leader in connecting people, places, and “things” (IoT) with their satcom solutions, the client plies their trade in 16 office locations across 8 countries. This, and a diverse customer base ranging from marines to mines, called for a seamless approach to managing the CRM lifecycle.

Business Problem

Geographically spread operations across lean team creates a challenge in comprehending organizational workflows and defining standard processes. Besides, the inherent diversity of their service offerings (1,000+ products spread across 20+ product families) led to complex permutations and combinations in generating quotes and driving sales cycles.

Can MS Dynamics 365 fit/transform their CRM workflow and integrate with other ecosystem applications to create a harmonious experience?

Business Challenge

To drive efficiencies through standardization of CRM processes across global offices.

Technology Solution

– An iterative approach (Agile/Scrum) has been adopted to understand, assess, and recommend transformation.
– Involvement in MS Dynamics implementation from the initial phase of understanding business workflows (As-Is).
– A Fit-Gap analysis has been performed to understand what can be used as is vs what requires customization (To-Be).

– The current suite of services includes installation and software services. The client’s signature products for airtime and hardware number more than 1,000, which along with customization lead to more than 10,000 products and 20+ product families!
– Initial understanding of business requirements invalidated a 100% out-of-the-box solution approach, thereby necessitating customization. The client’s catalogue structure has now been customized to the extent where they can keep a track of all properties (100+) and pricing options related to a product offering.
– Dynamics is leveraged here by creating custom fields, layouts, dashboards, themes, entities, business logic, custom workflows, design of forms and views, and e-mail notifications to suit the specific business requirements.

This currently involves integrating Dynamics 365 CRM with enterprise applications within the existing ecosystem. Below are a few examples:
Invoicing: Current invoicing system and Dynamics 365 are being mapped using unique product codes. Product catalogue management is done in Dynamics. Addition/modification/deletion of products is then orchestrated between both systems leveraging this integration with the Invoicing system.
DocuSign: Dynamics 365 CRM has been integrated with DocuSign to provide a seamless customer experience. The time-consuming legacy paper-trail process has been replaced, and contract finalization now takes less than 10 minutes.
Activation Portal: Post contract finalization, Dynamics 365 pushes order/activation product details to Activation portal for action by the designated team.

Technology Stack

Here is a comprehensive summary of the technological expertise involved in this assignment:
D365 Sales Enterprise – Account, Contact, Activities, Product Catalogue, Quote & Quote-line, Orders
D365 Configurations – Custom Entity, Processes, Workflows, Business Rules, Web Resources, Security Roles & User access permissions
D365 Customization – JavaScript, C# Plugin, Custom Activity Workflows
Power Apps  Power Automate Flows, Dataverse
DocuSign integration with D365
Document Management – SharePoint integration with D365, SharePoint Sites & Document libraries Migration
Data Management – Export Excel Templates, Import Data
Solution Management – Patch & Solution deployment

Business Impact

– Integration of Dynamics CRM with DocuSign for various levels of contracts in business processes has cut down turnaround times by over 80% for presales processes. Contract signing using DocuSign provides functionalities such as allowing both parties to sign concurrently while also allowing them to revise terms of engagement before signing off
– Digital Transformation of current on paper processes like contracts, contracts renewal has made sure that revenue leakage is reduced to minimum
– A deep understanding of the client’s workflows across various geographies for their product offerings has yielded a best-fit solution has helped bring in standardization of business processes across global offices