The New Recession

Even as the world has come back to a measure of normalcy after grappling with the COVID crisis, we find ourselves dealing with yet another “reaction” to this phenomenon: the new recession.

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Innovate your field services and generate serious revenue – here’s how

For years now, organizations have depended on skilled technicians to repair equipment and engage with customers in the field. While these technicians would usually be the customer would have to an organization, their skills, processes, and systems were not really considered crucial to the company’s revenue generation. Until recently, in fact, many technicians, or teams of field service agents were merely thought of as costs that needed to be paid. Even so, like other areas in the organization, such “cost centers”, too, must learn to innovate and discover additional opportunities to boost revenue.

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You can reduce costs by aligning sales and marketing – here’s how

While many professionals are currently operating in a distributed work environment, even when colleagues are in the same office, sales and marketing misalignment is common. The two teams often have different goals and KPIs, use different platforms, and create separate sets of data. Ideally, sales and marketing colleagues would use the same solution, so that they can benefit from each other’s data and insights. During a major economic disruption, the potential for misalignment between sales and marketing is multiplied. This can lead to…

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You shouldn’t delay your move to the cloud – here’s why

When discussing cloud technology, one of the more commonly discussed themes happens to be the “changing” technology landscape”. However, this landscape has now “changed”. On-premises solutions and infrastructure that a majority of businesses were once built on used to be considered state-of-the-art. Cut to the present day, though, and these solutions have become less useful and less secure. Progress is now the need of the hour.

Moving business processes to the cloud should be prioritized, as this is the optimal way to ensure technological progress. As frequent new advancements continue to test organizations, solutions and processes, the most important factors that decide the continuity of a business are…

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2022 and 6 growing trends in field service

Current reports indicate that field service as an offering is growing at a faster pace than ever. In 2016, the field service market size was estimated to be $1.78 billion USD, and now that number is predicted to hit $4.45 billion by the end of 2022—an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.5 percent.

Much has changed since 2016. Technology has forever positively changed field service management…

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How to build self-sustaining teams in the era of the great resignation

We’re in the midst of a peculiar labor market phenomenon rightly labelled as the Great Resignation which started in the US and spread worldwide. Driven by the increased demand for labor fueling the thriving job market and causing employees to quit in search of greener pastures.
The Great Resignation has created quite the stir wherein companies are struggling to retain talent while the recruitment engine has gone in an overdrive.

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User Persona Driven UX Design for the win

Have you noticed anything in common with the most frequently used apps on your mobile?
Besides boasting a powerful algorithm that keeps you hooked, I am sure you’ll agree that all these apps have a beautiful user interface and a pleasant user experience as well!
The inference is that be it an enterprise solution or a consumer-facing one, having a bad UI/UX design is non-acceptable for today’s user.

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Four Reasons Why Flutter is Better Than React Native

The importance of developing cross-platform mobile apps can’t be overlooked today, especially when the resulting app needs to be speedily tested and released simultaneously for multiple devices. Additionally, platform-agnostic programming languages make it possible to speed up development times and reduce the time-to-market for applications, putting businesses in a highly competitive sphere.
In such a scenario, two programming languages seem to be competing for the top spot: Flutter and React Native. Both of these languages don’t care for the platform of development, are fast, and provide a range of high-utility tools to the developer.

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Differentiated service engagements

Quick; think of a business that provides excellent service each time you interact with them. Are you likely to remain loyal to their brand? Have you raved about them to your friends and family? Chances are good that if a company has truly impressed you, you’ve told someone about it.
Businesses that provide a service with the intent of retaining their customer base, are likely to see an uptick in customer loyalty, as well as their extended circles such as friends, family etc. We know you’ll definitely be telling people about the great service you received, if you were impressed with the level of treatment you received.

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