Enterprise Web Applications

 An enterprise application is a phrase used to describe applications that business use in solving enterprise problems within the organization.  These web applications are complex in nature and are designed to integrate with other applications used within the organization. They are deployed across variety of networks such as internet, intranet or corporate networks, thereby adhering to the strict security demands in process.
Enterprise web applications are becoming increasingly important for growth of any business strategy. A custom developed web application can aid in the ability to reach existing and well as prospective customers.
Enterprise Web Applications allow the organizations to manage and record their internal and external operations and processes. The main advantages of these applications is cost and time savings, thereby helping the organization in their digital transformation path.

Reasons to choose .NET technology for Enterprise Web Application
Enterprises and businesses are in the process of migration from legacy systems to new, dynamic and robust web applications. These web applications require a technology that is trusted, scalable and makes business efficient in long run. Microsoft .NET technology delivers unfaltering user experiences and meets the growing needs of an enterprise. Below are some of the key reasons why companies trust dot net platform.

Compatibility:Integration with Existing Systems-One of the most important requirements of enterprise web applications is compatibility.With .NET platform, developers can easily build apps that provide seamless experience to the users on mobile, desktop and tablets. .NET framework provides reusability of the components and easy integration with existing systems thus making it compatible with almost every platform and language.

Security-For enterprises, application security cannot be compromised. And .NET platform has pre-built features like Code checks, Encryptions, Character validations and Code Access Security which helps to build very sophisticated and secure enterprise applications.

Scalability-For any growing business, scalability is essential and this requirement is easily catered by ASP.NET Technology. It enables both horizontal and vertical scaling of an enterprise, depending on business requirements. There are various extensions available which enable businesses to upgrade the functionality of their applications, without investing in new solutions.

Easy to use-ASP.NET core is an open-source platform which is equipped with one of the biggest class libraries among the coding languages. It can also easily integrate with all the databases.  Thus, making it easy for developers to use it effectively and develop customized and unique applications for business.

Easy maintenance-.NET framework is based on object oriented programming, due to which extensive coding is not required. There are configuration settings which can be easily modified and also numerous in-built checks are provided to ensure that the application works as desired. All these factors make it very easy to maintain the .NET framework.

Cross Platform Support:Cloud Integration-Every app that is built is required to use the services like a cloud or on-premise systems. Modern cross-platform apps depend on API, cloud data, and cloud processing. So, the apps developed in .NET can be used on cross-platform easily. .NET works great with different cloud platforms like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services etc.

Enterprise grade DevOps tools -Microsoft .Net platform supports wide range of DevOps tool such as Azure DevOps, Jenkins, and Octopus Deploy. It enables organizations to manage code, deployments, automation of tests & releases. Visual studio provides a great echo system for code analysis and code quality tools which helps maintain quality checks on code and ensuring coding standards.

Limitations of .NET Technology
Even though .NET is considered as one of the strongest engineering platforms, it has few limitations:

  • Limited object-relational (OR) support as it comes only with Entity Framework
  • Involves vendor lock-in, and future development is solely dependent on Microsoft
  • When compared to open source alternatives, ASP.NET is expensive, as there expenses like SQL Server licenses, Visual Studio licenses, Windows server licenses, etc.
  • Migrating applications to .NET can be expensive
  • .NET has problem of memory leaks. The framework does not release the memory it no longer needs. Due to this, the leaks increase as application scales. Hence, developers have to invest additional efforts to ensure proper resource management.

Why choose IncubXperts for .NET Enterprise Web Applications?
We believe that the key to success lies in always keeping up to date with the advancements made in the technology world, and we approach every project as if it were a startup. Our experts are highly skilled at developing custom web applications for diverse domains.

  • With hands on experience in the development of ASP.NET MVC and WebForms applications, our team can support you throughout the life cycle of your project
  • Our problem-solving approach together with experience and knowledge of .NET tools and technologies helps us in excelling the ASP.NET enterprise application development from small scale to large scale enterprises.
  • Our talented pool of .NET developers ensure your application is updated regularly with latest features and version.
  • We understand that any product development is time bound. Hence, we take deadlines seriously and deliver solutions on time.

Angular and React Frameworks
Angular & React are the most popular next generation frameworks, which are used for building interactive web applications for desktop and mobile. They are designed to simplify the front end development.
Angular is TypeScript based web application framework and React is a popular JavaScript library for creating interactive UI.
The ASP.NET team has built Angular and React templates to support development of front-end based applications with .NET Core as the backend. These templates are used to build and publish applications as a single unit.
IncubXperts has team of experienced developers who can write a powerful and controlled web applications using .NET technology combined with Angular or React that fulfills business needs indefinitely.

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