Leadership team


We help small and medium-sized enterprises build, maintain,
and enhance their applications in the cloud

Anish SS

                          Anish Betawadkar

                                      Co-Founder & Director of Technology


Anish spent majority of his stint at Cybage, growing and managing the largest account. He was responsible for Relationship management, Delivery management, Staffing, Product Roadmaps, Forecasting and Contract Management/Renewals. During his association with customers, he built frameworks that ensured higher customer satisfaction, better knowledge management and Swift Executive Reporting.

Anish puts passion in anything and everything he does. He energizes himself and everybody around him.


                          Dr. Preetam Tiwari

                                      Co-Founder & Director of Technology

Preetam headed strategic leadership for various Startups. Prior to his stint as a consultant, He was working with Tier-1 and Tier-2 IT consulting organizations as a Delivery Head. He has played an instrumental role in building relationships for strategic accounts, leading multi million dollar software development programs, building and mentoring Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Center of Excellence initiative.

Preetam has been awarded Doctorate by Nagpur University in the areas of Business Intelligence in the year 2016.


                          Amit Dhandal

                                     Co-Founder & Director of Technology


 Amit loves to apply his analytical skills everywhere. He has apt sense of Indian politics and vast general knowledge. Cloud technology is  his core strength and providing business optimal Solutions is his expertise. He  explains “Logic” behind magical looking technologies by simplifying complex topics. He has been playing Technical Architect’s role with large enterprises at Cybage Software, Wipro and GlobalLogic.

He has astute understanding of basics of technology.


                            Rahul Bagal

                                         Co-Founder & Director of Technology


Rahul has been Techno-Functional Manager to one of the world’s leading financial Services company, Fiserv. Handling a team of 70+, building various practices for payments vertical, applying mobility to problem space has been his forte. Prior to Fiserv, he worked with IBM where his technology skills were sharpened.

Rahul blogs regularly at www.bagal.in. In case you want to know Rahul’s professional side more, check his LinkedIn profile.