An EdTech App using Xamarin

IncubXperts was engaged into building an EdTech product ViZi for K12 school students and teachers.

The product offered enhanced mind-mapped text books. Content that otherwise could be boring to read from the text books became interesting as it was converted into visually enriched, simplified, relevant mind map diagram that has hand drawn pictures. The product could be used by students or even by a Teachers as a teaching aid. Administration dashboard provided insights to usage patterns during days, subjects, consumption trends that helped “understand” user behaviour.

A classic case of Design Thinking and Lean development, the app was built and launched within couple of weeks of conceptualization using Xamarin, Azure and .NET MVC.

Skills:  .NET, Azure Elastic DB Pool, Azure Functions, Design Thinking, Xamarin
Client:  IncubXperts TechnoConsulting
An EdTech App using Xamarin | IncubXperts