Mobile and Web Solution for a Pharma major

India has largest number of reported and unreported snake bites in the world!

IncubXperts partnered with one of the India’s largest pharmaceutical company (Serum) and Government of India. Objective was to be able to demonstrate the reporting and tracking of snake bites effectively using technology backbone.

The golden hour patient should be provided with immediate medical aid. IncubXperts built Xamarin mobile app and a Web solution on Azure that integrated with existing Anti Venom inventory systems. Google maps integration was used to route patient to the nearest Primary Health Care Center that had AntiVenom inventory. The Twilio Call center cloud solution initiated triangular call to offer real time assistance to patient by expert doctors during golden hour.

The objective was met with working prototype and a decision was taken to implement the same technology framework at a larger scale.

Skills:  .NET, Xamarin
Client:  Serum Institute of India
Mobile and Web Solution for a Pharma major | IncubXperts