27 May 2022

Digital Transformation enabled through Field Service

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A successful digital transformation requires weaving together multiple domains. If even one of these fails to make the grade, your entire transformation may be in jeopardy.

These domains have one thing in common and that is they rely on people and what they bring to the table. It’s the people that matter most—from formulating a vision to crafting the plan and adjusting it on the fly to calculating every detail many times over.

When the stars align and each person on the team contributes to the best of their ability, success is exhilarating. Inter-related domains can be blended into one methodical sea of change—invigorating not just the transformation team but enveloping the entire organization with a sense of deep pride. The accomplishment is worn like a badge of honor as every employee is positively touched by the success of the transformation.

Jeanne W. Ross

So, what exactly are these domains?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides hassle-free integration, allowing for application simplification.

It provides first-time-fix service that provide business expansion opportunities through positive service experiences. Leveraging Dynamics 365 Field Service and Dynamics 365 Sales is the catalyst that enables a true field transformation.

Steps such as lead generation, new customer account creation, payment establishment, equipment preparation, installation scheduling, equipment installation, equipment servicing, equipment recovery and more are covered by these modules, and the main advantage of having a centralized data repository cannot be overlooked.


What is key to creating a unified, optimized customer journey? Centralizing real-time data with a scalable solution.

Dynamics streamlines communications and provides complete visibility, thereby empowering businesses to focus on core activities. The legacy system of sales, field service, and leadership all working separately and syncing with customers in indirect, incomplete, delayed pathways is a thing of the past. Now information is up-to-date and accessible by all who impact customers.


Once the data is up-to-date, processes can be streamlined.
How does this happen, you ask? By working directly with the eventual customers of the system—sales, field service, and frontline workers. One such reported effort has eliminated thousands of manual touchpoints annually.

As an example, if a delivery team exchanges a piece of equipment mislabeled on a work order, the technician must return to the office to receive a corrected work order.

After the revamp, the equipment manager can look up the asset on the desktop, correct the mistake, and seconds later the delivery team has the correct information to complete the job.

Technicians/field agents are now empowered to arrive at the right time, on the right schedule, the right way, and with the right equipment.

From the mobile app, technicians have all their pertinent information at their fingertips—service tasks, customer details, product needs, and more. The result? Higher first-time-fix rates, opening the door to utilize field technicians’ time and expertise to create new revenue streams.

Operational Changes

Through streamlining by automating routine tasks, businesses unburden the employee from tedious operational tasks. The little things that used to cause big delays are now gone.

The scheduling team utilizes capabilities to assign best resources to a work order and can now look across service locations instead of only selecting from a smaller subset of available technicians. Field service technicians use the mobile app’s built-in map and routing features to optimize travel time and status flags to indicate if they are on-site or traveling.

The positive results have impacted everyone who touches the customer. Improvements are across a wide range of sales, service, and overall company key measures.

At IncubXperts, we help leverage these capabilities of Dynamics 365 to help deliver truly predictable outcomes. To discover more, feel free to go through our Case Stories to know more.