04 May 2022

The future of selling in a post-pandemic world

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Written by Abhishek Mungi

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The fag end of 2019 brought the onslaught of a virus the world would come to know and fear as COVID. The new situation forced everyone to think out of the box in terms of successfully delivering business outcomes; hybrid working will now dictate work life for the foreseeable future. This has brought on a new set of demands on sales organizations. The current state of affairs is not helping meet these new demands.

Sellers now cannot consider working in disconnected systems, manually entering data at the end of the day and expect their business to thrive. Manual tracking contributes to poor data quality and prevents sellers from connecting well with customers. The current situation demands more.

To go further, we must be able to dissolve the barriers between applications, as well as those that exist between people across departments, the company, and externally with customers and partners. To help our customers drive efficient and effective customer engagements, there must be synergy between business applications, productivity tools, and collaboration capabilities.

Here are some key focus areas where Dynamics enables better sales:

Conversational intelligence is more effective in closing deals

Ensuring user support with valuable, productive experiences that ultimately delight the customer. Sellers can now focus on effectively responding to buying signals to maximize that customer moment. No more selling regrets post-call by missing a trigger. For instance, as sellers prepare for calls, they can quickly review a summary of the previous call, action items, and scan highlights. Using Microsoft Teams within Dynamics 365, sellers can easily make their calls while having access to business data and take notes while the call is being transcribed automatically.

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Any business-critical insight mentioned during the call is captured and highlighted and suggested actions are surfaced. Sellers can now focus on responding to buying signals to maximize that customer moment. No more missing a follow-up or forgetting a customer promise.

You can collaborate anywhere and everywhere to bring deal teams together—Get better connected across the team with interactions that surface context and enable easy action and history capture wherever they work.

Personal productivity to be more efficient and effective

The more data-driven sellers are, the more opportunities they must work on the right priority deals to close. Who wouldn’t want to remove time spent on data entry and focus that time on being more effective in customer interactions? In Dynamics 365 Sales, work items are prioritized based on AI so sellers know what action to take and when. Contact information captured through emails and meetings in Outlook is directly brought into Dynamics 365 Sales, helping sellers to instantly discover new contacts and expand their networks. This way, you can keep track of everything using the built-in Outlook and Teams integration in the intuitive mobile-friendly UI that allows you to follow up on action items and to update records while being away from your computer.

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All of this is rolled into seller KPI and manager dashboards that help your sales teams be more data-driven with their decision-making to drive better outcomes.

Exciting times lie ahead for cloud technologies. IncubXperts is stoked to be a part of a journey where we blur the lines between business application, collaboration, and productivity tools so that we can empower each user with what they need and where they need it. This is how we can help you realize desired outcomes!