13 May 2022

Field services in the era of the new normal

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Written by IncubXperts Admin

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After the world’s struggle with the recent pandemic, one area of businesses that has been largely impacted is field services.

When the pandemic hit in March, a lot of offices were closed, and a work-from-home policy was enforced. Among other things, some activities included setting up weekly meetings, daily stand ups, and check-ins that focused on team and individual well-being.

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Understanding the new market normal and revised expectations

Over the course of time, it has been observed that the types of conversations businesses have had with customers has shifted. Conversations are now focused on supporting the new market normal and new expectations. For field service-focused organizations, supporting newly remote teams, business and regulatory compliance, reduced budgets driving increased productivity requirements, and larger rapid digitalization of business outcomes have become increased priorities.

Businesses are now seeing that customers are investing in their people, and this translates into how they support them through their respective technology and processes. Previously, these areas were not prioritized as highly.

Having one’s business powered by cloud-based business applications has proven to show great benefits over the past couple of years.

Such businesses have not only continued under the enforced remote working requirements but have also grown. Ensuring that customers can access solutions with no service interruptions result in business expansion opportunities.

Adding value with Dynamics 365

The COVID-19 environment has also led to increased innovation. Many businesses have delivered more applications and capabilities than before, and customers are also extending these applications and cloud technologies faster than before.

Based on various learnings, here are some lessons that new normal has taught us:

  • People will always surprise you. The strength of the human spirit is amazing.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for more from your team, partners, and customers.
  • Communication continues to drive culture, brand, and relationships.
  • Technology, and your ability to embrace it, can be the difference between survival and excelling.

Despite a couple of demanding years, businesses have emerged more resilient and focused. Focusing on the value provided to customers and cutting back on anything not linked to delivering that value has led to stronger, versatile and more engaging work forces.

A new business landscape

When it comes to field services, staff retention initiatives have the potential to become increasingly important. In the remote digital environment, good people will be able to work for an ever-increasing number of global employers. Business culture and the associated brand will become even more important.

The new cloud-enriched business landscape will continue to provide people the ability to work despite restrictions. Technology has reduced global boundaries, and employers must take cognizance of the benefits and potential challenges this brings. The employer-employee relationship is now more important than ever.

Now that we have managed to soldier through some especially trying circumstances, the status quo will be about taking full advantage of the changed business landscape. Things will not go back to the old ways, since 2020 has changed the business landscape for the better. Promising times lie ahead.

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