29 Jan 2019

Let’s Agile Think- A Philosophy for Project Success

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Written by Incubxperts Admin

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Agile think is a paradigm that ensures the right mindset to follow agile methodology. It’s the ability to imbibe Agile practices within our thinking.

Agile think addresses paradigm shift in 3 dimensions of project management aspect.

1. Visibility

Working with remote teams, visibility could be a challenge. Agile methodology believes in co-located teams, however, does a small/medium-sized company have an abundance of resources and budget to afford to have co-located teams? With IncubXperts, we build small teams (2-3 people) that work in cohesion. Communication channels are open.

  • Build smaller teams (2 to 3 people)
  • Keep communication channels open
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2. Adaptability

Agile believes in continuous feedback and it welcomes change. It equips businesses to respond to market needs. We imbibe this virtue by keeping our communication frequency higher and delivery cycles shorter. Adaptability is not a “yes boss” attitude. We will not say the customer is always right – we attempt to understand the customer’s business intent and recommend what makes sense to us.

  • Daily communication (if and when needed).
  • Periodic Deliveries (Every day or week or month depending on sprint cycle)

3. Business Value

How can a business benefit early instead of team building something for months and delivering value only at the end! A strong connect with customers ensures a good understanding of what the need is. Challenge is translating the need into reality. We rely on Business Intent Driven Development. We form small teams (2-3 people) that have capable individuals who can think on their own. Pair this arrangement with a PM/BA individual to fully comprehend and translate needs into workable software!

  • Lean and Capable teams (2-3 people)
  • Business Intent Driven Development
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“Agile think” is our philosophy that we buy in. “Agile” is the methodology that we follow to the end.

“Trust” is fundamental to any relationship we start with project. This is how we have successful projects being delivered now and in the past.

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