11 Oct 2022

New home, same enthusiasm!

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Written by Abhishek Mungi

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8th August marked a memorable day in the life of 120 people. What is the common denominator? They’re all part of the IncubXperts family, and this family moved into their new home!

Yes, we have seen our fair share of changes. Be it the quick employee onboarding scenes or the COVID phenomenon that spared no one, we have been through a fair amount in our 5.5-year lifespan. However, sticking together has undoubtedly proved beneficial to our health. It is said, in order to grow, the young birds must fly the nest.

Taking inspiration from this simple adage, we now find ourselves in our 4th professional setup after growing out of our 3 previous offices!

As always, eventually moving into a professional setup was not without its challenges. We dedicated ourselves to this endeavor wholeheartedly and managed to get the new space ready in record time. It was not easy, but many hands made the work light. Holistic collaboration between various vendors, suppliers, Support staff, Symphony IT Park management and the architects made what was once a dream, a reality. Utmost attention was paid to detail, everybody pulled their weight, and now, a 10,000 square foot office will become the foundation for the next chapter in our book of delivering predictable outcomes.

So much has changed.

For starters, everyone is on the same floor! Yes, the old setup involved short treks up and down the building we occupied. In keeping with our desire for dependability, we have styled our office setup on the community concept, to foster collaboration, open communication, and fraternization. Office rooms named after sporting venues are designed to promote the spirit of teamwork. We realize that our members spend a fair amount of their day here. Accordingly, we have made the interiors that please the eye and welcome our members. Be it the graffiti of the Pitstop cafeteria room, or the murals of the Bell Center and Misaki Park, or our little red telephone-booth inspired call rooms, locations have been designed to evoke the designated response from their visitors. Our cube-inspired decals are a reminder of our visual identity, an indicator that our members truly belong here.

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Of course, some last-minute changes have had to be made; teething issues if you will. We’ve all come from various backgrounds, and some of us even have the big-firm experience! As a work family, however, we constantly learn new things every day, and tackle issues with the same enthusiasm we’ve had from day one.

We aim to maintain the same sustainable growth pattern we’ve kept up so far. We understand what got us “here” will not get us “there” and we are prepared to switch up our approach as the situation demands. Yes, we’re up to the task, and we are IncubXperts!